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Why a contract ? - CSP's are independent contractors (1099).  This allows CSP's to select the client's they want to provide service for and to select what schedule they want to work.  Being a independent contractor allows you the freedom of being your own boss.  Happy Home Path, LLC pays contractors via direct deposit , pay card, or check biweekly approximately around the 9th and the 24th.  Happy Home Path, LLC will not be withholding any taxes, social security, or child support from your check.  Annual federal and state tax withholding responsibility is 100% your own.  You work for yourself through our company.  We will provide you with a 1099 form as your W-2 form to file taxes.  We also will not provide any medical insurance or paid leave.

Why I have to pay Happy Home Path,LLC to work, is it a scam ?– Happy Home Path, LLC is the back office support for you as an independent contractor on our team.  We take care of all your financials, organizational, and human resources needs.  We charge biweekly dues of $25 to provide you with everything you need to be successful.  Every entrepreneur learns that you can be the best at cooking or planning events, but if you are not business savvy with the right support your restaurant or small business will struggle to succeed.  When you contract with Happy Home Path, LLC you are not alone in your self- employment journey you are on a team aligned for success.  

Why I have to pay Arise Virtual Solutions, too ? – Arise will act as your software platform.  You pay to use their computer internet based software to do your job of connecting with clients to provide customer support.  Just as you would use the computer at any other job the company pays for you to use the software on their computer.  So, as an independent CSP you have to pay  to use the platform that allows you to connect and communicate with clients.  This is a bi weekly fee of only $20 for the service Arise provides. 

Am I really paying or getting paid ? - After paying $45 a check is it really worth it... Uh Yes. There are no other with holdings from your check.  If you utilize our CSP Recruiter Incentive program after your 20th referred active CSP your fee's will be covered on top of earning an extra $105 a month in cash for your CSP recruits. Some Clients charge a certification fee to begin training to work for them. The initial Certification fee is on us, to get you started working from home as soon as possible. 

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